Election Resources - 2016

One of the many ways to work for justice for our immigrant sisters and brothers is to ensure the people we elect to public office are dedicated to beneficial policies.  As we prepare to elect our next president and Congressional leaders it will be important to stay engaged and informed with proposed policies and how they reflect ethical and moral teachings. We invite you to use the following resources to help you discern and prepare for the elections. 

Illinois Voting Information

• The Illinois Primary Election will be on March 15 and the General Election will be on November 8.  


• How do I Register?  You can register daily at your local election authority, or at your polling location on election day. 


• Have I registered?  You can check your registration status by clicking here! 


• For more information please view the attached information sheet: [Click Here]

Educational Resources

• 2016 Election Resources [Click Here]

• Election Postcards [Click Here]

• See Where your Senate Candidate Stands on Immigration [Click Here]

• Meet the 11-Year-Old Girl who Championed Immigrants at the DNC [Click Here]

• Mike Pence & Donald Trump May Not See Eye-to-Eye on Immigration Reform [Click Here]

• Residents on Both Sides of Border Oppose Wall Being Built [Click Here]

• A Revolution of Tenderness: A 2016 Election Pope Francis Values Reflection Guide [Click Here]


• 2016 Presidential Candidates' Stance on Immigration [Click Here]


• Faith, Citizenship, & the 2016 United States Election [Click Here]


• Prayers for the Election Year [Click Here]


• Sr. Simone Campbell & Bishop Carcaño's Editorial on Presidential Candidates [Click Here]