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Child Migrant Legal Process


• "Former judges challenge official who said 3-year olds can represent selves in immigration court" [Click Here]

• Family Detention at Two Years [Click Here]



Photo by: Ruben Figueroa


•Call your Senators & Representatives (202-224-3121) – Urge them to cosponsor and support S.2540 & H.R.4646.


Sample Script: “I'm a constituent from [City, State] and I urge all Senators and Representatives to co-sponsor and support The Fair Day in Court for Kids Act. Children from El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras are fleeing traumatizing violence and should not have to stand before an immigration judge alone. The Fair Day in Court for Kids Act would increase legal orientation programs, ensure children have access to lawyers, and increase court appearance rates.”


• Twitter: Access your member of Congress’ twitter handle at


Sample Tweet: .@Senator/Representative Kids can't represent themselves alone in court. Protect kids by supporting the Fair Day in Court for Kids Act! #Not1More

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