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The Sisters and Brothers of Immigrants are committed to being an informed and articulate advocate for current immigration issues and encourages information-sharing as together we raise our collective voice through consciousness-raising, advocacy, and action.  Below are links to excellent resources that provide education on current immigration issues as well as opportunities for advocacy:




  • TRAC Immigration: Has the latest data and figures on immigration enforcement as well as broader reports.  


  • CLINIC: Has many great resources about the legal side of immigration issues. 


  • Justice for Immigrants: Has many great educational resources and webinars as well as information on current immigration policies. 



  • Protecting Immigrant Families:  Has educational resources as well as updated information re all the current and potential policies that impact immigrant families


  • National Immigration Law Center:  has many resources re legal and policy strategies as well as resources focused on building a stronger, more inclusive immigrant justice movement.



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