Corona Virus

• Catholic Charities: Call on Congress to Support Frontline Workers with PPE and Vulnerable Families [Sign Petition]

• Tell Congress to Pass Covid Relief Now [Sign Petition]

• Protect Migrants and Refugees in Covid-19 Relief Pack - U.S. Catholic Sisters Against Human Trafficking [Sign Petition]

Deportations, Detention, and Border Militarization

• President Biden and Secretary Mayorkas: Stop Deportations Now [Sign Petition]

• Keep Homestead Child Detention Center Closed [Sign Petition]

• "Take Action: Citizen Roadmap and Deportation Moratorium Now!" MoveOn [Sign Petition]

• Demand Congress cut funding for ICE and CBP [Sign Petition]

• "Tell ICE: Stop the Deportation of Children and their Families" Amnesty International [Sign Petition]

• "Tell Congress: Make Family Reunification a Top Priority" - National Domestic Workers Alliance [Sign Petition]

• Stop the Deportation of Survivors and Witnesses of ICE Abuse - Mijent [Sign Petition]

• Send a Postcard to Pennsylvania Governor to Urge him to Release Families from the Berks County Detention Center [Postcard]

• Sign the Petition Telling Wells Fargo & JPMorgan Chase to Stop Profiting from Immigration Prisons [Sign Petition]

• Take Action to Stop Border Militarization [Sign Petition]


DACA/Dream Act

• Tell the Senators: Pass the Dream & Promise Act - NILC [Sign Petition]

• Pass the Dream Act! [Sign Petition

• Sign Now: Tell Congress to Pass the Dream Act [Click Here]

• Dreamers are the American Dream. Tell Congress to pass the Dream Act now [Click Here]

Refugee, Asylum, & TPS

• Urge Congress to Support a Pathway to Citizenship for Dreamers, TPS Recipients, & Essential Workers [Sign Petition

• President Biden: Uphold your Original Promise to Refugees [Sign Petition]

• Take Action: Restore Asylum at the US Border [Sign Petition]

• Urge Biden Administration to Protect Refugees [Sign Petition]

• "Tell President-Elect Joe Biden to Address the #RootCauses of Migration from Central American" [Sign Petition]

• Restore the Right to Asylum - Jesuit Migrant Solidarity [Sign Petition

• There is no Justification for limiting Refugees to Such a Tiny Number: Please write to your MOCs and the President Today [Sign Petition]



• Congress: We Demand A Democracy That Works for Us [Sign Petition]

• Department of Homeland Security: Stop Spying on Immigrants [Sign Petition]

• Department of Homeland Security: Stop Collecting Immigrant's Social Media Data [Sign Petition]