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Immigration Raids

More than 80 Illinois community leaders launched the Community Empowerment and Defense Initiative in response to upcoming raids by ICE. The Initiative stands on four pillars:

  1. A Family Support Hotline (1-855-HELP-MY-FAMILY) to field calls from households facing deportation-related crises;
  2. Know Your Rights trainings to educate community leaders and members how to respond during ICE raids;
  3. Deployment of more than 500 “Community Navigators” based in 56 organizations across Illinois to advise on qualifications for immigration protections and relief such as the DACA program; and
  4. Organizing to gain support from Mayor Emanuel and the Chicago City Council to strengthen the “Welcoming City Ordinance” to ensure that Chicago Police are not interacting with ICE in any way.
Educational Resources

• High School Students Miss Graduation Due to Immigration Raids [Click Here]


• United We Dream: Impact of the Raids [Click Here]

• USCCB Statement on Immigration Raids, May 26, 2016 [Click Here]

• CLINIC Statement on Immigration Raids, May 25, 2016 [Click Here]

Photo by: Rubén Figueroa

Social Media Advocacy


• Access your member of Congress’ twitter handle [Click Here]  


• Sample Tweet: .@WhiteHouse As a person of faith I am OPPOSED to your plans to deport Central American kids and families who need PROTECTION. #Not1More

• @DHSgov @POTUS Children are fleeing violence, we must protect them not deport them #ProtectionNotDeportation #RefugeNotRaids #WeAreOneFamily

How to Act

• Call the White House at 1-866-961-4293 or the White House Comment Line directly at 1-888-907-2053:


Sample Script: “I am from City, State, and as a Catholic/person of faith, I urge President Trump to immediately STOP plans to deport Central American children and families. These individuals are refugees fleeing violence and should have access to legal counsel so that they can apply for asylum and protection in the United States."



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